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Vida Sana™
Healthy Food Prep Center (7pcs)
(4674 )

  • Includes Food Prep Organizer (4673), Meat & Veggie Cutting Boards (2) (4672), Measuring Food Scoop (4671) and Food Prep Knife Set (4670).
  • Practical, time-saving system stores your most essential tools in one space on your countertop and eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Bamboo and stainless steel Food Prep Organizer provides convenient and organized countertop storage.
  • Dedicated compartments neatly house the Vida Sana™ Food Prep Knife Set, Vida Sana™ Measuring Food Scoop and Vida Sana™ Meat & Veggie Cutting Boards (2).
  • Includes a built-in knife sharpener for non-serrated blades.
  • 9⅛"H. 14¼"L. 2¾"W.
  • Bamboo cutting boards eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by providing dedicated boards for meats or vegetables.
  • Color-coded silicone accents on boards identify use and keep boards from skidding.
  • Each board is etched with information to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Boards feature recessed well on one side to catch liquids and keep work surfaces mess-free.
  • Durable bamboo is the recommended cutting surface for knives because it won’t dull or damage blades.
  • ½"H. 14⅛"L. 10"W.
  • Measuring Food Scoop lets you easily measure and transport chopped ingredients right into your cookware or bowl!
  • Ergonomic silicone handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Deep side walls keep foods in when transporting them from cutting board to cookware or bowl.
  • 1⅞"H. 6"L. 4⅞"W.
  • Food Prep Knife Set includes Meat Knife, Vegetable Knife, and Fruit and Sandwich Knife. (Not sold individually.)
  • Color-coding and description on each blade clearly identifies which food should be used with which knife, eliminating cross-contamination.
  • Stamped stainless steel blade provides a sharp edge and lasting performance.
  • Durable, nonstick blade coating ensures easy release of sticky foods
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip handle is comfortable and balanced for safety and control.
  • Includes BPA-free plastic sheaths for safe storage of each knife.
  • Meat Kn

Prep Healthy Meals


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